Monday, November 2, 2015

This week, 3rd grade is working on reinforcing the parts of a non-fiction book. First we read Karl & Carolina Uncover the Parts of a Book (image from amazon):
Then students got in groups and played a game that I thought up! They had a set of cards with different parts of nonfiction books (table of contents, index, photographs, captions, etc). One student from the table would choose a card and tell the others the part of the book. The others had non-fiction books in front of them and the first to find the part (by raising their hand, decided by the student who pulled the card) got to keep the card. Then the next student drew a card until all cards were out (and then they could switch books and play again). They did a great job finding the different parts and it was a good check for me to see who was understanding and who wasn't!

It was a fun way to reinforce the parts of a book!

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