Friday, January 8, 2016

Ipad "Gems" We Used This Week!

This week, a few of my grade levels are using different Ipad "gems" to help with our learning. 4th grade has been doing a unit on Internet Safety so they played the Professor Garfield Cyberbullying app. Garfield's friend is trying to be the Animal Idol and someone is trying to ruin it for them. It's a great comic with checkpoint games throughout.

My 3rd graders are using the Ipad "gem" Kahoot. I set up a game about different genres of books and they would get a clue such as "this genre has smooth writing with rhythm and sometimes rhyme" and they get 4 choices and must choose the correct answer in a game show style. They LOVE this! It is not an app but rather a website but using a tablet is best to choose answers quickly.
Lastly, my 5th and 6th graders are presenting their Big 6 Research book recommendation lists to final publication. Some are using Google docs, slides, a good old poster, and some are using the Ipad app Animoto and creating a video out of images.

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