Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Organization Trial #99812

If you know me, you know I love to organize! The problem is, I have yet to find a GOOD way to organize 501 library cards. I used to have these small white bins that I put at tables with the cards for that day in there. Problems: I have to put them out and away each day, AND when kids return them on the wrong day, I can't find them because I store them in coupon organizers by day.
So, then I got these new pocket charts from my Scholastic points. They are magnetic (barely; had to reinforce with magnet clips) and I labeled each with teacher code and class number for students in grades 3-6 to take out and return as they check out. Problem: kids STILL don't return them and they don't look pretty. I did buy command hooks so maybe I will put them in a less obvious place.
Next problem.. crayons. My students do a lot of projects and responses that involve crayons or markers. So I have ziplock containers of them that I take out and collect. This is seeming to be a lot, I find crayons on the floor, etc. So I bought these new bins from amazon for crayons, pencils, and K-2 library cards. (I still pass out and collect these!)
So why not just throw in the towel and create a barcode binder? Because I want the students in grades 3-6 to be able to self check out. It really frees me up to help kids find books and shows them a sense of responsibility. Does anyone have any organizational tips they can share?!

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