Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We Are "Fired Up" for our Author Visit: Reji Laberje

This month we are "fired up" for our author visit! Reji Laberje is going to come to our school to do a reading and writing workshop with our students.

Max Explores...

Grades K-2 are going to do a version of her book series Max Explores called Max Explores Rolling Hills. So we all designed a book cover of (name) explores (place). We thought of some neat places like China and Niagra Falls, and local places like Walgreens and McDonalds too.

Make Room for Jake McNair

Grades 3-4 and are going to write some sequence poems based on Reji's book Make Room for Jake McNair. So to get ready, we worked on shields (our dragon breathing defenses!) that had poetry on them about us.

Cooper Ridge, The Wonder Kid

Grades 5-6 will be writing through a presentation called "Drawing Fire" where students will work on action scenes and climaxes. We each wrote something that we are "fired up" to read on a hand tracing to create our fire.  We read part of Cooper Ridge to get us fired up!

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