Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Big 6 Research

5th and 6th grade students are deep into a Big 6 research project. They were given the task to create a book recommendation list for a classmate based on a reading interest survey. So far, we have done

#1 Task Definition- Create a book recommendation list of at least 10 books for an assigned partner
#2 Information Seeking Strategies- We can use books, websites, or interview each other
#3 Location & Access- We have found that, Amazon & Barnes/Noble recommendation lists,, and Destiny are the best resources
#4 Use of Information- Right now, we are in the research stage where we are taking notes and organizing information

#5 Synthesis- In the next few weeks, we are going to organize our information to give to our partners
#6 Evaluation- Using a rubric, we will be able to self- assess our research process & product

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