Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Internet Safety

Almost all grades are in full swing Internet Safety lessons. We focus on personal safety, netiquette, social networking, and posting. I use the websites Common Sense Media  and NetSmartz to modify a lot of lesson plans. In addition, I read part of the book above Bully by Patricia Polacco. Here are what we are talking about:

  • 6th: identity theft- be careful of phishing emails and bad links
  • 5th: digital footprint/tattoo- be careful what you put online; it will follow you!
  • 4th: post-test to see what we have learned
  • 3rd: tell a trusted adult if we need to; click here for the video
  • 2nd: appropriate websites using the stoplight: green-go, yellow-caution, red-stop and close
  • 1st: we are finishing up a Super 3 unit through reflection
  • K: we are learning how to use Chromebooks!

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